I would like to talk to him face to face.

Josh got drunk on tequila.

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You will be able to speak fluent English in another few months.

Very good!

Listen, I'm sorry we bothered you.


For the most part, I agree with what he said.

That is a strange question.

Indeed, sir! Who is the first?

As far as I'm concerned, I will not approve of the plan.

The earthquake in Hokkaido caused extensive damage.


Did you get in touch with them?


Take a look at the books I bought.

You're not going to believe what happened to Monica.

I hate pretending I'm interested.

That was so stupid.

Walter says he doesn't remember doing that.

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You can't just lounge around like that while everybody else is so busy.

He has just as many books as his father does.

You seem to be in all these pictures.

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When I get bored, bad things happen.

What if he was actually telling the truth?

Caravaggio is a very famous painter.

Human beings are emotional creatures, so to speak.

What a cheerful story!

Did you remember to turn off the gas?

I believe this is a case in point.

There's something else I need you to do.

Dan's first wife had died of natural causes.


Don't leave your work unfinished.


Roy would probably do exactly the same thing we would do.

You shouldn't have been there.

The picture is on the wall.


We celebrate Tanabata in July.

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I can deal with them.

Don't speak ill of him in public.

Why do you do it?

He seems to have had a hard life in his youth.

I am sure of success.

Some people did nothing.

Ronald Reagan asked Gorbachev to "tear down this wall".


Don't drop it.

The party set out for Kobe.

Coleen is a yodeler.

Read "Gone With The Wind".

We tried everything.

He robbed me of every penny I had.

I'm out of breath after running up the stairs.

Piotr is interested in soccer.

Sergio took the iron off the shelf, unwrapped the electrical cord, plugged in the iron and chose a heat setting.


The children played blind man's buff.

What I'm about to say will answer your question.

If he had drunk only a little alcohol, he wouldn't have been drunk.

The mountain is not valuable because it is high.

I don't want you to be here.

The population is dying off.

Can you see them?


Why wouldn't I want to go?

Our true hope is that there exists life in other worlds.

We are at home.


The streets were empty and quiet.

Sometimes I use the scissors as a can opener.

Until now sugar had been detected in my urine once, however this time there is only albumin.

The Japanese live mainly on rice.

You had better make a reservation in advance.

It was an impulse buy.

How do you get your children to eat vegetables?


His son died last year.

Good-bye and good luck.

I've never met Ric, either.

I'll replace her.

There's nothing else to eat.


I had to see Jacques.

I'm sick and tired of it.

That's a no-brainer.


Ralf didn't like it when Judith ignored him.

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If I were twenty, I could vote.


I was surprised Pratapwant wasn't here yesterday.


Cynthia's mother was crying.

Leif noticed Saiid the moment he entered the room.

How did you know about me and Perry?

He convinced me.

She is estranged from her parents.

I'm glad it wasn't me.

Srinivasan and Wolfgang fight constantly.

I thought we had found the perfect hiding place, but the police found us.

Is coffee good for you?

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Ah, now I remember. I used a condom; something I rarely, or rather practically never, do.

Take your hands off me!

You're a woman now.

Cathryn admitted he couldn't speak French.

The tree blocked the road.

You've got a good idea.

It was a terrible thing to do.

Beth became the acting chairman of the committee.

I was annoyed with him for his interruptions.

She shook hands with a co-worker.

Lead poisoning endangers the health of millions of children around the world.

Who fell?

You don't know that for sure.

Do your own work.

Get your life together.


Can I eat this?

There is nothing going on between Hank and me.

Stop beating about the bush and tell me what the problem is!

I can't just give you this.

Jos is also from Boston.


Vice doesn't smoke.

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.

I counted to three and then plunged into the water.

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First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth... penultimate, last.

I wonder what it feels like to be rich.

The moon is distant from the earth.


I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras, and the secret Magic of numbers.


Do you promise not to tell?


I hope that you aren't serious.

I have vices, but gambling isn't one of them.

We should have a celebration, Reinhard.

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Your fingerprints were found on the knife.

Roderick is the only one I've told.

You'll have to run if you want to catch the train.

Reading is a pleasant way to spend one's leisure.

While backing up, I bumped into another car and set off its alarm.


Clifford can't stand Piet.

How are you doing for money?

Do you think you're modest?

Dan is planning to rob a local bank.

Do you have any idea how serious this is?

Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

Come on girls, we can do this!

Actually, that's not quite correct.

The girl wanted to tell him the truth, but she couldn't.


I was on time for dinner.

I'll support you as much as I can.

People can be cruel.

The shifting pattern of world trade is made clear in the following table.

She had to use her dictionary many times.

Rafael tried to convince everyone that he was innocent.

There are 5 ICT rooms and a big sports field.

He hardened clay by putting it into a fire.

Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that.


The bullet glanced off the target.


I had some trouble figuring out the answer.

What is this nonsense about you not needing to study well?

"I'd like to play cards." "So would I."

Clean the ashes out of the fireplace.

My house is close to the sea.

Rice grows in warm countries.

I don't want to face that alone.

Herb invited Elijah to his birthday party.

Do you want some fruit juice?

She went through this routine, over and over.

There must be more.

Jon broke three dishes.

I put a piece of paper around the box and tied it up with a ribbon.


He will leave for the station an hour before the train leaves.

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I'm nervous when speaking in another language.

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He complimented me.

When I got out of bed this morning, I had a headache.

I'm supposed to eat with Curt this evening.


I am starting the year as sick as a dog.

He became so ill that he died two hours later.

Sanity fired his secretary.

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After winter comes spring.